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A trainers best friend

Team up with Alex, the virtual fitness guru, and take your coaching to the next level with InfoGym Trainer.

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Create a name for yourself with InfoGym

InfoGym Trainer takes your trainer skills to the next level. Keep track of all your clients and their progress easily. Communicate and build your reputation as you help your clients reach their goals in record time.

Meet Alex

A trainers best friend

With over 350+ animations at your disposal, use them alongside your expert advice to help your clients work out correctly.

An effective tool

How does InfoGym benefit you?

Connect with your clients and help them on their way to success. InfoGym enables you to build better relations, get better results and build your reputation as a recommended personal trainer in your area.

How does InfoGym Trainer work?

InfoGym connects you with your client by allowing you to create Workout Routines for them, as well as registering their results. You can also book sessions and message them through the app, and monitor their progress.

You get all these features

  1. Create Workout Routines for your Clients
  2. Book Sessions with your Clients
  3. Monitor their progress
  4. Add Body Statistics for your Clients
  5. Interact with them through messages
  6. Register Workouts for your Clients
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InfoGym Trainer lets you book and keep track of your appointments easily throught the app.


Stay in touch with your clients using the built-in messenger. Easy for you - easy for the client. That's a win-win.


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  • Connect with 3 active clients
  • Online documentation
  • Access to all 3D exercises
  • Booking

Trainer Basic

Our most popular plan

  • Connect with 30 active clients
  • Standard support
  • Access to all 3D exercises
  • Booking

Trainer Pro

Large client base


Are you a gym?

We have a plan for gyms which includes everything in the Trainer Pro plan and with unlimited active clients.
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