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The Ultimate Fitness App

And just like that, working out got that much easier.

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Get inspired by a complete new way of working out

InfoGym is the premier fitness app. Easy and intuitive to use - view your results and improvements at any time. Create custom workout routines using amazing 3D animation. BONUS: interact with your personal trainers who can help and guide you, all done through the app.

How to - in 3D

Over 350 exercises and how to perform them


Create your own workout routines, or together with your trainer

In control

Keep track of your development, body weight and measurements

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Take a sneak peak at your fitness map


Your Fitness Adventure Starts here

InfoGym is available for the Apple App Store right now! Start your new fitness adventure and get the results you always wanted, fast! Go to the App store and download InfoGym today. Note that InfoGym will be available on Android in the near future.

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